South Perth Primary School

In addition to its day-to-day operations, our P&C initiates, raises funds and assists the school in completing a wide range of projects.

Nature Playground Development

This is the major project for which the P&C will be fundraising for in 2016.

The school community at South Perth Primary School has identified the need to make our playgrounds more engaging for children.  Our P&C and the School Grounds Committee have been working together to see how we can develop under-utilised areas of the school grounds.

Research has proven that playing with natural materials such as mud, sand and sticks can strengthen children’s immune systems. Children also find it calming to play in natural settings and are more likely to engage in imaginative and creative play. When children engage in physical activities that require interaction with natural, irregular and challenging pieces of equipment they develop confidence and learn to recognise and take risks.

More information on this is available at Nature Play WA.

Progress so far includes:

  • Commitment of $30 000 by the P&C towards this project.
  • Areas have been identified as suitable locations, e.g. the space near the double gates at the front of the school, around the camphor laurel trees and the grassed and concrete area behind Room 12.
  • Our students have designed playground ideas that they would like to see in their school grounds.
  • These ideas have been shared with a playground designer and some concept drawings have been completed.

During 2016 the Grounds Committee aims to engage parents in the collection of materials and the development of nature play areas around the school. By accessing recycled and collected materials and utilising parent expertise, we hope that the exciting ideas we have will soon be providing the students with more opportunities to engage in purposeful play.

Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting project.

Web Site Redevelopment and Maintenance

The development of this new school web site was initiated and funded by the P&C. Now it forms part of the School’s communication strategy and is maintained principally by the School, with the P&C’s support.   Our web site aims to provide a convenient and centralised source of up to date information about our school and its activities for both prospective and current parents and students.  It enables parents to complete school administrative tasks online.

New pages and content will continue to be added – watch this space! Your suggestions should be emailed to

Upgrade to Cricket Nets Area

Cricket netsIn late 2014 Our P&C earmarked over $40,000 to upgrade the cricket nets and improve the surrounding area. We were also fortunate to receive $14,000 from the W.A. Cricket Association.  The new cricket nets were completed during  Term  4, 2015 and are being well used.    


New Projects

Do you have a suggestion for a future project for our P&C?

Allocation of P&C funds are made annually in February. Large projects may receive a full or part financial allocation, which maybe added to over time or supplemented with grants or other sources.

Project suggestions are welcome anytime though out the school year. Please complete the Suggestion Box and/or come along to one of our meetings.

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