Get walking, scooting or riding your bikes for two weeks between the 8th – 19th August!

Not only will the challenge be encouraging your kids to be healthy and get out of cars, we will also be raising money to build a wonderful Nature Playground at South Perth Primary!

For two weeks students are encouraged to walk, scoot or ride to school. The program will be similar to our lap-a-thon, but instead of counting laps, we will be counting how many times students walk to and from school. Students will be raising money for the Nature Playground at South Perth Primary by asking friends and family to sponsor each walk to school.

What do I need to do?
  1. Ask family and friends to sponsor you
  1. Fill in their names and how much they will sponsor you on the Fundraising Form
  1. Walk, ride or scoot to or from school as many times as you can between 8th and 19th of August 2016.  Every time you walk, ride or scoot to and from school, have your parents sign a box on your Record Card.
  1. Collect your sponsorship money and put your Fundraising Form, your Record Card and your money into an envelope and put it in the P&C Box at the school office no later than the 31st August 2016.

You can download another Fundraising Form here if you lose your form or need more room.

Can people sponsor me online?

We know that many of our students have family and friends who do not live close by, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t support your efforts.

To make you sponsorship payment online, make sure you know the Paypal Reference of your walker (from their Fundraising Form) and click the Paypal button below to make your donation.

How can I return the money I've collected?

Cash is preferred for donations you have collected, but payments can be made to the P&C via Paypal. All money must be paid and Fundraising Forms & Record Cards must be returned to the P&C Box in the school officer no later than the 31st August 2016.

Cash Payments
1.Clearly indicate on your Fundraising Form the amount you are paying in Cash.
2.Return Cash you collect in an envelope, along with your Fundraising Form and your Record Card to the P&C Box at the school office.
Payments via Paypal
1.Clearly indicate on your Fundraising Form the amount you are paying via Paypal and your Paypal Reference.
2.Click on the Paypal button here to make your payment online, making sure you include your Paypal Reference.

3.Return your Fundraising Form and your Record Card in an envelope to the P&C Box at the school office.
Direct Sponsor Payments via Paypal
Don’t forget to clearly indicate on your Fundraising Form if any of your sponsors have paid directly via Paypal and the Paypal Reference you gave them.

More information

Have you lost your form or run out of space? You can download another Fundraising Form here.

And this link will take you to information about the routes & times for the Walking School Bus, which will be running from Monday to Friday during each week of the Challenge.