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South Perth Primary School

South Perth Primary School became an Independent Public Primary School at the start of 2015. Independent Public Schools remain part of the public school system, retaining the benefits of being part of a bigger system and operating within relevant legislation and industrial agreements in collaboration with their school community. However, Independent Public Schools set their own strategic directions and have authority for day-to-day decisions in order to ensure that the needs of the school’s students are foremost in the decision-making process.

For Independent Public Schools, the School Board replaces the School Council. It includes representatives from the school, parents and the local community.

School Board, South Perth Primary School

Karen Owens (Principal)
Meagan Bosch
Jeannie Collins
Kelly Penglis
Sam Dane (Chair)
Alana Pham
Cellina Prosser
Amna Gumati
Clementine Kohler

The Board has the following functions:

  1. To take part in:
    • establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions
    • planning the financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions
    • evaluating the school’s performance in achieving them
    • formulating codes of conduct for students at the school
  2. With the approval of the Director General to:
    • take part in the selection of, but not the appointment of, the school principal or any other member of the teaching staff
  3. To approve:
    • charges or contributions, put forward by the principal, for the provision of certain materials, services and facilities to be paid by the student for their participation in optional additional components of the school’s educational program, e.g excursions
    • items to be supplied by a student for their personal use in the school’s education program
    • any agreement or arrangement for advertising or sponsorship in relation to the school
  4. To determine in consultation with students, their parents, and staff a dress code for students when they are attending or representing the school.
  5. To provide advice to the principal of the school on:
    • a general policy concerning the use in school activities of prayers, songs and material based on religious, spiritual or moral values being used in a school activity as part of religious education
    • allowing time for the special religious education of students in the school, but the total number of hours so allowed in a school year is not to exceed 40
  6. To promote the school in the community.

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