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South Perth Primary School

Good diet and daily exercise make a big difference to a child’s ability to concentrate and learn. Students participate in school activities that promote healthy practices.

Morning fitness

Every Monday to Thursday (weather permitting), straight after the morning bell, all Year 1 to 6 students participate in 15 minutes of exercise. Activities include participating in drills to develop and refine skills, running the perimeter of the school grounds to increase endurance and playing ball and team games to master game skills and team work. Students arrive back in their classrooms energised, alert and ready to start the day.


Many teachers implement the Crunch&Sip program as part of their health lessons. This  provides the students with a set break to eat fruit or salad vegetables and sip water in the classroom. Crunch&Sip aims to encourage students to develop healthy eating habits and assists their physical and mental performance.

Eat Wise Wednesday

Each Wednesday, the importance of healthy eating is promoted at South Perth Primary School. Banners are on display in the amphitheatre to remind children and families of the need for a balanced diet. Healthy food choices are encouraged with an emphasis on the inclusion of fresh fruit and vegetables in lunch boxes. The addition of ‘sweet treats’, packaged and processed foods is discouraged.

Awesome Walksome

The Awesome Walksome program aims to encourage families to use environmentally friendly and ‘healthy, active’ methods of transport to and from school. The program includes the Walking School Buses, promotion of walk and ride to school days and a fortnightly assembly award for the class with the highest percentage of students who have used an environmentally friendly form of transport to come to school.

Dance Program

During Term 4, the all Pre Primary to Year 6 students participate in a social dance program, currently provided by the Humphreys Dance Program. Students learn a variety of dance routines and have the opportunity to experience individual, partner and group dances. The final lesson for each year level is a social dance which parents are invited to attend.

Faction Sports Carnivals

A highlight of the school year, the Faction Athletics Carnivals give all students the chance to participate in a range of sporting activities and team games based on participation, fun and good sportsmanship.

In the Junior Carnival for students from Year 1 – 3, students participate in running races, tabloid activities and team games. The carnival concludes with age group relay races and a grand relay with students from Year 1-6.

The Senior Carnival is held at Como Secondary College. The Year 4-6 students compete in jumps events, sprints, 200 metre and 400 metre events, team games and relays. The carnival atmosphere at both events is created by the support provided by parents, grandparents and family friends.

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