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SPPS0151The music program at South Perth Primary School aims to foster and develop students’ skills, talents and appreciation of music. Each class from Year 1 – 6 attends music for one hour a week and focuses on vocal, instrumental and music theory skills, integrating the use of technology as much as possible. Cross curricular links to literacy also play a big part – particularly in younger grades where there is emphasis placed on being able to read lyrics and drawing meaning to theme-appropriate songs.

Activities are designed to allow students to explore their musical creativity within a given structure. Group tasks and activities are also a large part of music, where co-operation and teamwork skills are developed.

Extra curricular music programs at South Perth Primary School include:

Junior and Senior Choirs

Junior Choir consists of students in Years 3-4 and Senior Choir consists of students in Years 5-6. Both choirs rehearse before school and are given many performance opportunities to showcase their talents in public, including the WA Massed Choir Festivals, Channel 9 Christmas Carols, various eisteddfods and several other community events in the South Perth community.

School of Instrumental Music Program (SIM) and School Band

The SIM program offers free brass, clarinet and flute lessons to selected students in Year 6. School Band is offered to students in the school who have a keen interest in playing music. School Band and SIM students showcase their talents and various school assemblies, fetes and community events.

Musical Production

SPPS - Fogies-139Every couple of years the Specialist Drama and Music Teachers work together to put on a spectacular musical production. Rehearsals are held out of school hours. The 2015 production was the musical ‘Fogies’. Students from Years 4-6 were given the opportunity to be on stage as part of the cast, the band, or as backstage and lighting crew. While each production requires hard work and commitment, the students’ involvement in being part of a large scale production is a wonderful experience that they will remember forever.

Mrs Anneka Buckenara, Specialist Music Teacher

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