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South Perth Primary School

Our school prides itself on its strong school community.  We emphasise the value of community and working together to build a friendly atmosphere where considering the well being of others, as well as ourselves, is important. Many activities and resources help to make our school the enjoyable place to work, learn and play.

Faction Competitions

South Perth Primary School has 4 factions: Strickland (red), Shenton (blue), Murdoch (yellow) and Forrest (green). Each student is placed into a faction for the duration of their time at the school. Points are awarded to students for their behaviour (e.g. VIP points), performance in the classroom and on the sports field (Faction Athletics Carnival).   Students take great pride in their faction’s performance and show a healthy sense of competition to faction-based activities.


Assemblies are conducted every second Friday in the School Hall. Coordinated by the senior students, these occasions provide opportunities for students to showcase their learning and develop public speaking and performance skills.

Once a year, each class from Pre Primary to Year 6 is responsible for organising an assembly. The class presents a short performance typically involving singing, choral speaking, acting and/or dancing and a class report that highlights the learning program that the children have been engaged in during class time.

A number of regular awards are announced and presented at assemblies including Honour Certificates for individual students and class awards including the Golden Bag, Awesome Walksome, Drama and Japanese Awards.

Parents, families and members of the community are welcome to attend our assemblies.


VIP points are used to reinforce the school’s Values Program and are awarded to students who display good behaviour, demonstrate positive work habits or enact the values promoted by the school and community. When students receive a VIP token they write their name and room number of the token and post it into their faction’s letterbox.

Each assembly, one token from each faction is drawn and a prize awarded. The VIP points are counted each fortnight and announced by the Faction Captains at assembly. At the end of each term, the members of the winning faction are awarded an extra playtime.

Values Program

The school’s Values Program is based on the Western Australian Values of Schooling which articulates what educators in Western Australia believe all students should value as a result of the programs they undertake. The core values are:

  • Respect and concern for others and their rights
  • Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to achievement of their potential
  • Self-acceptance and respect
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

The school community has also identified five values that will be emphasised through the school’s Values Program and in all learning programs – respect, excellence, honesty, responsibility and cooperation.

The school’s values are reinforced through programs including the Faction Competition and VIP tokens, the Buddy System, the Student Leaders Program, Awesome Walksome and Golden Bag Awards, the Chaplaincy Program and the Seedling Planting. The values are also taught and reinforced in all classrooms, across the curriculum.

School Chaplain

South Perth Primary School provides a chaplaincy program to support the wellbeing of our students, families and staff members. As well as providing pastoral care our wonderful chaplain Meng Chan provides in-class support, organises activities to support the school’s Values Program and Harmony Day celebrations and coordinates other whole school activities such as Cybersmart and Constable Care workshops. Meng works at the school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Buddy System

The buddy system involves students in Pre-primary and Year 1 teaming up with a buddy in Year 6. Buddies spend 1 hour per week of class time together participating in activities together. The Year 6 students also provide a support role in helping the younger students integrate into the school when they start Year 1 and join the other students in the playground at recess and lunchtime.

Ripper Recess

Ripper Recess is a fun, entrepreneurial event that takes place every two years. Formal classes are suspended for the afternoon and students participate in a mini fete. Each class plans and organises activities and stalls that are run by the students with assistance from their teachers and parent volunteers. The money raised from the event goes to the school to directly benefit the students.  See the gallery of 2014’s here.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets are an annual event for students and families to have fun, celebrate the festive season and raise funds for charity. Parents and students set up stalls in the undercover area to sell an assortment of products including fairy cakes and fairy floss, pre-loved books and toys, Christmas decorations and handicrafts. Our dedicated P&C provide food, drinks and bouncy castles. At the conclusion of the markets, the school choirs and band, with community members lead Christmas carols in the amphitheatre.

Harmony Day

Australia’s cultural diversity is celebrated on 21 March which is known as Harmony Day. Harmony Day promotes inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

At South Perth Primary School, Harmony Day is celebrated by encouraging students to wear clothes that promote their cultural background or something orange. An assembly is held to promote the values of Harmony Day and a whole school performance organised to broaden the students’ cultural understanding. The School Chaplain also conducts class activities that provide students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of inclusiveness, respect and belonging.

Seedling Planting

In June each year students are asked to donate a punnet of seedlings to the school. Classes work with the school gardener to plant the flowers, herbs and vegetables in designated garden beds and are responsible for ensuring that the seedlings are watered and cared for. The whole school community is rewarded in Spring with a beautiful show of flowers and greenery.

ANZAC Day Ceremony

A special service is held each year to commemorate ANZAC Day. The service is run by the student leaders and special guests from the local RSL (Returned Services League) are invited to speak. The key messages of ANZAC Day are reinforced through poems written by students and songs presented by the school choir. The proceedings include the laying of wreaths, a flag raising ceremony and one minute of silence and reflection. Students from Year 1-6 attend the ANZAC Service.

School Banking

The P&C provides a School Banking program in the Library one day a week before school. Parent volunteers facilitate the banking program and students can earn rewards for savings accumulated.

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