Years 1-6

South Perth Primary School

Students from Year 1-6 at South Perth Primary School engage in a well-rounded learning program that is developmentally appropriate and encourages their academic, physical, creative, social and emotional development.

The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline provides teachers with a framework for the development of all learning programs. The curriculum describes the content and achievement standards which Year 1-6 teachers use to plan learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

Our teachers utilise a wide range of strategies to engage students in the learning program and provide for the needs of individuals. Students are given opportunities to see an example of a new skill or concept and engage in practice activities before being given tasks that require the application of their learning. Lessons include activities where students work individually, in small groups and as a whole class.

English and Mathematics are the major focus of the learning program in primary school. Approximately fifty percent of instructional time is dedicated to the development of literacy and numeracy skills. To maximise learning opportunities for students, teachers plan integrated learning programs that address content from different learning areas.

Our Year 1-6 students also participate in specialist programs for Science, Japanese, Music and Physical Education. Each class receives instruction from a specialist teacher in these four areas for an hour session per week.

Detailed information about the curriculum and assessment guidelines for each learning area within each year is available at the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s web site. Parents may find the Curriculum and Judging Standards information useful.

Additional programs provided by the school include:

  • Daily Fitness – Monday to Thursday (Years 1-6)
  • Middle School Sport (Years 3 & 4)
  • Senior Sport (Years 5&6)
  • Dance Program in Term 4 (Pre Primary – Year 6)
  • In Term Swimming Lessons (Pre-Primary – Year 6)
  • Faction Carnivals:
    – Swimming (Year 4-6)
    – Cross Country (Year 1-6)
    – Athletics (Year 1-6)

The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline 

The Western Australian Curriculum currently encompasses ACARA’s Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and History. In addition, year-level syllabuses for Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Technologies and The Arts have recently been released for familiarisation.

The Western Australian syllabuses remain broadly consistent with the Australian Curriculum but have been contextualised to make the content more suitable for Western Australian students and teachers.

The achievement standards for Humanities and Social Sciences (previously Society and Environment), Health and Physical Education will be published before the commencement of the 2016 school year with Technologies, The Arts and Languages progressively published during 2016. Adoption of these standards is to be completed by 2018.

Detailed information on the Western Australian Curriculum can be found at School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

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