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South Perth Primary School

The Early Learning Centre at South Perth Primary School is a distinct, purpose-built area within the school grounds that houses our Kindergarten and Pre-primary students in 4 classrooms.  Newly constructed in 2013, its outdoor and indoor spaces, teaching equipment and technology, and kitchens and storage areas provide staff and students with a great facility for play-based learning.  


At Kindergarten children learn to:

  • Kindy 1feel confident in participating in whole group, small group, paired and individual activities
  • become more independent
  • use their body skilfully in gross motor and fine motor activities
  • communicate clearly and confidently with both peers and adults alike
  • acquire the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy
  • develop positive relationships and interactions with others
  • express themselves creatively through art, craft, music and drama
  • observe, question and organise their thinking and understanding of the world around them
  • develop their own individual learning patterns and styles
  • build on their natural curiosity
  • build upon their positive feelings about themselves as a unique individual

Kindy SPPS0417The Kindergarten program provides a stimulating environment in which each child can feel happy and secure. Research clearly shows that children of 3-6 years old learn most effectively through direct interactive experiences rather than listening to someone talk. The program provides many activities that are play based, enabling students to learn by doing. Young children are egocentric in their thinking and they relate all things to themselves and their own experiences. Activities are provided that encourage children to learn through hands on experiences to help build and clarify their understanding of the world.   

Young children do not learn in the same way as adults, they need to experience things in a concrete form through their five senses before they can translate this knowledge into symbolic forms. Kindergarten children benefit from being involved in a wide range of experiences to help them to develop in the following areas: intellectual, (with emphasis on literacy and numeracy development), social, emotional, physical and aesthetic/creative.  

The program fosters a warm, positive atmosphere, allowing children time to interact and learn with their peers and adults in a happy, relaxed yet purposeful environment. Each child is unique and develops at his/her own pace. Teaching staff observe each child in order to provide the appropriate environment to stimulate more learning.


In Western Australia, Pre-primary is the first year of compulsory schooling. The teaching program is planned from the Western Australian Curriculum which is closely aligned to the Foundation level from the Australian Curriculum.

Pre Primary SPPS0483Our specialist early learning teachers provide many activities that are play-based, enabling students to learn by doing.  Activities encourage children to learn through hands on experiences to help build and clarify their understanding of the world.

The teaching of literacy and numeracy skills is also an important focus. Students engage in more formal lessons to develop their oral language, reading, viewing, writing, number and measurement skills.   Their skills are reinforced and practised through thoughtfully planned play-based activities as well as free play opportunities.

Our Pre-primary program provides a wide variety of experiences so children may develop at their own individual rates. The program is child-centred and integrated, providing opportunities for children to reach their full physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. Our classes provide a colourful, stimulating, challenging and accepting environment, where each childs uniqueness is valued and nurtured.

Our Pre-primary learning environment:

  • allows children to take an active role   
  • encourages independence
  • Pre primary 1promotes the development of early literacy and numeracy skills
  • encourages interaction with peers and adults
  • promotes self-expression and effective communication through language, dramatic play and the arts
  • develops abilities, skills and attitudes that encourage further learning
  • encourages imagination
  • develops positive attitudes towards self and others
  • promotes awareness of the needs of others within the group
  • creates a feeling of confidence and a positive self-image
  • allows parents to participate in classroom activities and excursions.

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