Senior Students

South Perth Primary School

Our Year 6 students have opportunities to undertake leadership and mentor roles in the school. As student leaders they are supported to undertake responsibilities that assist with the organisation of the school and encouraged to provide assistance to the younger students.

Leaders Program

The Leaders Program aims to provide each student with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and increase their sense of belonging and ownership.  The students assume a wide range of responsibilities which assist with the day-to-day running of the school.

All students in Year 6 are assigned to a leadership team. The leadership teams include:

  • The Student Leaders – six students are elected Student Leaders for the year and two Honorary Leaders are chosen each term.
  • Faction Captains – each faction elects two faction captains and two vice captains.
  • PA Team
  • SPPS0026 2Resource and Recycling Team
  • Library Resource Team
  • Healthy, Active and Tidy School Team
  • Reading Buddies
  • Chaplain Buddies

Year 6 Camp

The Year 6 camp is always a highlight for the senior students. In 2015, the camp was held at the Kalgoorlie Camp School, a Department of Education facility. The students travelled by train on the Prospector to Kalgoorlie on Monday morning, returning the following Friday.

During the week, the students participated in visits to historical and mining features as well as engaging in a wide variety of personal and social development activities.

The camp is made possible due to the dedication and willingness of the teachers to complete the planning and suspend their personal lives for the week.  For many students it is the first time away from home without parents, providing a great opportunity for personal growth and independence.


The Year 6 Graduation Ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class. Held in the final week of the school year, the formalities include an acknowledgement of each graduating student and the awarding of book prizes. Some of our talented students also provide musical interludes. The ceremony concludes with the graduating class presenting their graduation song.

Following the ceremony, the students share a light supper and then enjoy a social dance with their fellow class mates. Parents and family members are invited back for a final dance to complete the evening.


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